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Duran Duran
Violence Of Summer (love's Taking Over)
Hey!, pick it up
This'll get you out.. of your head

China's heading up, by the ratings on a motion
She goes with a real head biker, he's a metalhead
She looks me up and down talkin' dirty eyes
Sweet sayin' boy, baby i can lick you any time.
(keep it up)
(ha ha, that's right)
Here we go again...

Bit later...
I'm gonna run into 'em round the back
While all them guys break heads in the sugar shack
Don't give me drink, i don't wanna get too stoned
Then we're gonna see who's gonna take who home

The violence of summer, and love's taking over
It starts with desire, ends up under cover

Those lips will make me right..
You may look down but don't think twice (ooh-oh)
So death is on the way,
So what man? i still want to play....
(oh-oh yeah..)
One, two!
This'll get you out, of your money
This'll pick you up, let's go!

We'll take a ride, going south where her mother writes
For bad news catches up, we still got a little time
We made it all so far away,
One thing is sure, we shouldn't stay
I'll take it all - china gonna get the run around,
A run, a run around..


China,na china,na,na,na
China,na china,na,na,na
China,na china,na,na,na
China,na china,na,na


Loves taking over..
Yes loves taking over..
Loves taking over..

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