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Better Than Ezra
Friction, Baby
WWOZ's on in stereo
String of flowers haloed round your head
Candle light and ceiling fan
Curtains blow away and back again
Back again
So don't wake me, I think I'm in a dream

Sleeping is easy
I used to lay in bed for hours
I've waited a lifetime, now maybe I'll learn

Calling back and forth through heavy air
Barges sound their warnings in the dark
Peace comes like a trusted friend
As it starts to rain again, fall away
Fall away
So don't wake me, I think I'm in a dream

(CHORUS, REPEAT, "I used to walk streets for hours")

Let go of your fear
Let's grow old together
We'll find a place along the way
Let's reel through the years
Each makes the other better
But what thoughts can I call allies
When the circle of ribs keeps moving on it's own


WWOZ's on in stereo
Well it's on in stereo
Well it's on

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