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Better Than Ezra
Friction, Baby
Return Of The Postmoderns
Ten cent lovers
Beneath the covers
Riding on a wet dream
Silver tonic free
High stool sweet tarts
Equipped with green cards
Chomp their 401k's
Semi-chocolate brie, semi-chocolate brie
Digging in Los Cruces
For an army drab container
Carbon dating clothes
For the last time they were washed
Shelby and Sheila
Catch hang nail on Banion
Shiver Martin Sheen
Preschool mothers
In Technicolor's
Are fire bombing Dresden
Stanton, Harry Dean, Stanton, Harry Dean
Feeding line caught tuna
To a neutered Bodhisattva
Writhing peaches for the President
Out on the White House lawn
Beating Herbert Hoover
With a leather tipped piata
Thorn and Katie drink the milk
Tinted Amerasian Green

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